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How to get student’s grades in Educaplay without them needing to register

18th of February 2021

The easiest, quickest and most convenient way to do it for free is creating a Challenge from “My Challenge” in your profile

Get Student's Grades in Educaplay without them needing to register with a Challenge

“¿How do I get my student’s grades if they don’t have an account?”, “I didn’t get my students’ results!” These are some of the most frequent questions and comments we get from Educaplayers.

Right now the easiest and quickest way to do it is creating a challenge clicking on “My Challenges” in your profile.

In just a few clicks you will create a competition with your activities or the ones you tagged as favorites. That way you’ll get your students’ grades even if they don’t have an Educaplay account.

Your students will go to or click on “Enter your Game Pin”, then will write the Game Pin generated when you created the challenge and their name and… ¡Go!

The name will appear next to their score in “Reports - Challenges report” on your profile, or in “View full results” on your challenge’s options.

In addition to storing your student’s scores, challenges give them a competitive live gaming experience: scores are updated live anytime a player completes an activity.

You can even join the challenge yourself to follow the competition live!


From Google Classroom or similar platforms

How to insert Educaplay activities in Google Classroom

Probably you use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for your lessons.

Maybe your platform is Moodle, Canvas, Schoology or any other Learning Management System (LMS) that supports LTI or Scorm technology.

In any case, our integration with those tools makes your job easier.

Your students will open any Educaplay activity directly from Google Classroom (or the LMS you use), and their results will be automatically stored in your LMS gradebook and in Educaplay.

They don’t need to have an Educaplay account. They don’t even need to write their name, since we will identify them with the data they already have on your LMS.

If you own a Premium Plus or Premium Commercial license, this useful feature is unlimited. That is, you can integrate any Educaplay activity anytime you want.

With those accounts you will also be able to see in Educaplay what did your students answer to all your questions, in addition to their score and time.

If you own a Free or a Premium NoAds account, you have 5 insertions for free so you can try how comfortably Educaplay integrates with your favorite platform.


Tickets on groups

How to use the tickets to access the Educaplay groups

Another way to obtain your students’ results is giving them tickets to get into a group (My groups – Tickets).

All tickets have a letter code and hyphens (XXX-XXX-XXX) and an editable field (it appears as something like “EDUCA1317241”) where you have to write the name of the student whom you are going to deliver that ticket.

Your student will access your group clicking on “Log in” and writing the code you gave him or her.


Signing up

You can see your students’ scores without using challenges, integrations or groups. However, for these scores to get stored, they need to have registered and identified themselves before playing the activity.

Anyone can play any Educaplay activity anonymously and just for fun, clicking on its link and in “Start”.

However, this way it is impossible for us to identify the player and thus to associate that attempt with a person.


Soon it will be even easier

This 2021 we will make even easier for you or your student to get identified without signing up in Educaplay.

Before playing anonymously any activity, you will have the option to write a name to store your grade with it.

Yes, that simple.

Challenges will keep on giving a plus on gaming, motivation and healthy competition, but not a requisite to make possible for them to identify themselves just writing a name.

We are all ears for your queries and suggestions. They motivate us and help improve our platform so it is easier and easier and better adapted to you.

The option for non-registered players to write their name before playing an activity without needing to create a challenge is an example of this.


Your turn!

We hope this information is helpful to easily get your student’s grades.

Now we would like to hear from you.

If you haven’t tried them, are you going to do that right away with your students, or will you try it yourself first?

If you have, how do your students react in this competitive environment?

Will you stop using challenges when they are not needed to identify your students with a name written by them?

Do you think this article will be helpful for other Educaplayers? Please share it on social media and add your thoughts!

Reach us at for anything you need!

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