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(NEW) Players identify themselves with a name before clicking start to store their scores

30th of March 2021

You no longer need to register you students in Educaplay or make them play a challenge to record how they played

Identification with nickname before the activity

From now on it is even easier to get the results of your players even if they are not registered in Educaplay.

They just have to click on “Click here to identify yourself” right above the “Start” button, write a name in “Guest access” and… ¡let’s play!

When the player finishes, the results are stored on your “Reports” section with the name they used to identify themselves. The same happens with the other activities played during all the session.

The text will change to “You are identified as (name)” once you access as a guest or when you are registered in Educaplay.

“¿How do I get my students grades when they are not registered?” was one of the most frequent questions we got from Educaplayers.

Last month we showed you how easy that was thanks to the challenges, which already had the “Guest Access” option.

We also promised you we would make that even easier. With this new feature, we delivered. Thank you very much for helping us improve Educaplay.

From now on, you just have to share the link with your students so they write a name and play the activity.

Guest access

If you are on your profile and want to share the link of one of your activities, you just have to right click on the title and choose “copy”, or left click and copy the link that appears when you click on “Share”.

Challenges are still the perfect environment to share a group of activities (yours or the ones saved as favorites), to increase their motivation and to have all the results of your class organized in a separate report.

However, they are no longer a requisite to make them identify themselves without registering in Educaplay.


How to restrict anonymous players

In Educaplay by default users can play any activity anonymously and just for fun, just clicking on the link and then on “Start”, without getting their results stored.

If you prefer to allow your activities to be played only by identified users, you can do so with any Premium account.

You just have to click on “Advanced settings” on any of your activities editor, and choose the option “Not allowed” in the setting “ANONYMOUS execution mode”.


Make them create!

This new feature makes it less necessary for students to have an Educaplay account. However, this is still useful in some cases.

Access as a guest user remains active through all the sesión. However, if your students are heavy Educaplayers, having an account is a plus because they can play from their devices without them needing to identify themselves anytime they get into Educaplay.

An Educaplay account is also needed to create activities. We invite you to make your students take control crafting their own activities related to the study subject.

They have been using their imagination to create their own  since they were born. You will be surprised with the results.


What do you think?

Now we would like to know your opinion.

What do you think about this improvement? How is this going to change the way you work with Educaplay?

What is the next feature you want to see in our platform?

Tell us what you think or any questions you have at or on our TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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