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Ricardo Calle signs for Educaplay: “I want to create something that people enjoy“

07th of September 2021

Ricardo Calle signs for Educaplay Welcome to the team

Growing up together. This is the common goal that Ricardo Calle and Educaplay have with the incorporation into our ranks of this programmer, a student of the Degree in Computer Engineering at the Universidad de La Rioja.

Ricardo has decided to join our team to carry out the Final Degree Project and it is an honor for us considering that he had a lot to choose from: the number of places offered by the companies doubled the number of students in his course.

He will join us at least until the end of this year, but we hope this to be a "match" and continue to grow together ad infinitum.

Here you have a small interview we made so that we and the Educaplayers get to know him better.

Welcome Ricardo! We have new games and improvements ahead. We are taking off, so buckle up :)

What is your favorite game of all time?

Although it is not very well known, one of the games I have ever enjoyed the most is Darksiders. It is not a game for everyone but I think it has a very good balance between story, action and puzzles.

The art is also beautiful (including the music) and even though the game is a few years old, every time I replay it, I enjoy it as if it was just released.

What was your favorite subject in school?

If I think about school subjects, Mathematics (which at that level did not give me problems) entertained me a lot but I think that without a doubt what I enjoyed the most were more creative subjects such as Arts.

I'm not very good at drawing, but I am good at being creative and it was in these subjects where I could have more freedom to do so.

What made you decide to choose Educaplay for your internship?

I like games since the first day I had one in my hands. Over time I have come to realize how much games give to people and I think there is at least one game for every type of person.

Ever since I learned to code in college, I've always had the idea of ​​programming games as a hobby because it would be amazing for me to create something that people would enjoy. Educaplay is a great opportunity for me to learn to create games, in addition to providing educational value in this case.

Do you remember any experience of Game Based Learning or educational Gamification in your education?

I have more memories of boring slide shows, but luckily I also remember times when they tried to teach me in a more entertaining way.

I especially remember a time when to review the syllabus the teacher made a quiz-type game. Competitiveness with your teammates led you to try to win the game and when you finished you realized that you had reviewed with almost no effort.

Think of a person who has marked you deeply in any phase of your training. What was special about her or him?

It is difficult for me to think of a specific person, but I would say that some teachers have marked me who have been able to make me think beyond the subject. Teachers who value that you have ideas, who do not want you to think something specific, but simply to think.

It is true that not all subjects admit this type of wandering, which is why my philosophy and computer science teachers in high school come to mind. I would also say that the first professor who proposed us to do a free programming work using the knowledge of the subject (I, of course, made a game) marked me in college.

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