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(NEW!) Duplicate games from other players and publish them changing what you want

13th of October 2021

Video duplicate activities from other users

With just two clicks you can copy any activity from other educaplayers and create your own version

Being able to create activities from those of other users is one of the features that you educaplayers have asked us the most. Now you can do it and it's very easy.

Just open the activity you want to copy, click on the three dots that appear right to the "Share" button, and choose the option "Duplicate and create my own version".

Button duplicate activities from other users

With just two clicks you will be able to generate on your profile a copy of a public activity from any other user, to upload it as it is or to edit it by changing whatever you want.

By doing this you will create a draft of that activity on your profile. Then all you have to do is clicking on the "Edit" button and on "Publish activity" after making the changes you need.

No wonder this is one of the most popular suggestions you have made us. This makes it possible to make the most of the repository of more than 4 million Educaplay public activities.

Until now you were able to use all those activities to play them, to share them, to inspire you or even to make them part of your challenges (My challenges). As of September 15, you can simply use them as if they were one of your activities.

Link to the original activity

Link to the original activity

Having a user create a version of your activity is an honor worthy of recognition. Therefore, when an activity has been created from a duplicate of another, the title and link of the original activity will be displayed in the copy. Specifically, in the "Created by ..." section, the text "This activity is a version of ..." will appear, followed by the title with the link.

Not available for private activities

Privacity options

Activities marked as "Private", "Hidden" or "Only groups" by Premium users cannot be duplicated. 

These activities can only be seen and played by a few people chosen by the author, and those few people will not see the option “Duplicate and create my own version” when they click on the three dots.

Allowing other users to copy activities is a general request and is consequent with our philosophy that users can create and play as many times as they want for free if their creations contribute to the educational community.

However, maybe not everyone thinks the same, and we understand that it is possible that some users do not want to allow their activities to be duplicated. To avoid this they can remove them from the public space, either by making them private or by eliminating them.

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