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Power-ups for your integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

16th of March 2022

Upload a game to more than one class at a time and decide to save the grade of the best attempt or of the first one

Más poder para tus integraciones con Google Classroom y Microsoft Teams

We made two improvements to increase the power of your integrations of Educaplay games to Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

First, say goodbye to upload the same game again and again to all your classes of 5th grade, for example.

The screen will show you all the classes you have on your Classroom or Teams account, and then you will be able to select the three of them to upload the game on all of them at the same time.

Secondly, you can choose what grade you want to save in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams when a student plays an activity more than once: the first one or the best one.

Upload game to more than one class at a time and save best or first grade

Let’s say a player scores 60 the first time she plays a game you integrated in Google Classroom. Then she plays once more and gets 100, the perfect score.

Until now, Google Classroom would save the 60, and the following attempts would not affect this grade.

From now on, when you choose “First grade” it works like this, but if you choose “Best grade”, when the player finishes the second attempt, the 60 in your gradebook will turn into a 100.

So now you can decide to reward players who play your games more than once trying to improve their score in Classroom or Teams.

Schedule and set deadlines

You probably know you can schedule your Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams assignments setting a day and time to start submitting, and a deadline.

When you integrate an Educaplay game in those platforms, you can do the same.

You just need to click on “Save draft in...” instead of “Publish to…”.

Schedule and set deadlines

Once you do that, you can go to the Classroom or Teams classes where you created the draft, and change the options you want (schedule, deadline…) before publishing the assignment.

We wish you find this helpful! Please find us at or at our social media for any doubt, question or comment.

What would you like to see improved next in our integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams?

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