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¡New Unscramble Letters! Lots of words and lotta game

06th of April 2022

Create games with many words or sentences with the first renewed activity from Educaplay

New Unscramble Letters

Create Unscramble Letters games with many words or sentences thanks to the new version of the activity. We improved it from head to toe, with an editor and a game interface like the one Froggy Jumps has.

On a touch device, your players can tap a letter to change it for the one in the active square, or drag and drop it to replace it with the one they want.

On a computer, they can use the keyboard to type or the mouse to click or drag and drop.

You have an optional space to give a question or clue combining text, audio, images or animated gifs.

Question or clue with thext, audio, pictures or animated gifs

If you are a Premium user, you can set a background image in the activity, which will be shown before starting and during the game.

The game editor has lives and time limits turned off by default, but you can change this for a plus of excitement, allowing them a maximum number of mistakes, or a given number of seconds to sort each word.

Opción de poner vidas y tiempo

New games and new versions on the way

In the coming months we are going to improve all our activities so that the editor and the game interface are just as exciting and friendly as this one.

At the same time, we will take the opportunity to change and add the things that you have asked us for so that you can get the most out of each type of game.

Being able to create Unscrable Letters games with more than one word or phrase was a frequent demand. That is why we chose this activity to be the first one to be renewed.

We are also working to bring you new games. The next one will be one many Educaplayers have asked us for.

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