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New Unscramble Words! Put in play your listening activities, definitions and sentences

20th of May 2022

Easy and engaging: Teach any phrase or list of words with the second renewed game

New Unscramble Words

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. Maybe you learnt famous quotes like this one from Benjamin Frankling just reading them once, but it will be easier, funnier and more efective with this Unscramble Words game.

A month after renewing the Unscramble Letters game, today we launch the new version of her first cousin, the Unscramble Words online.

Try the new interface, the new editor, and new features like creating a game with two or more sentences placed in different screens, or  using line breaks to divide the text in a screen.

Create a listening comprehension game, perfect to familiarize your students with the pronunciation and writing of a second language.

Upload your audio files or record them from the editor. They will autoplay when the game screen loads, your players will see the transcript with the words jumbled up and they will have to put them in the correct place.

Use the Unscramble Words for you literary games with poems or song lyrics, or to present definitions of concepts, for example.

In addition to sentences, you can also create the game with just a list of words, like in this chronological order game with a list of artistic movements.

Use audio but also text, images and animated gifs to give as clues on top of the jumbled sentence.

Players can click on a word to change it for the one in the active square, or drag and drop it to replace it with the one they want.

Nuevo Ordenar Letras

By default, the editor creates the games without lives or time limits, but you can put them if you want to give your players extra motivation.

Another update around the corner

There are three Educaplay games with which you can enjoy the new interface and the new editor (Froggy Jumps, Unscramble Letters and Unscramble Words).

It's a matter of days before we put the forth in your hands: another new version of one of our classic games.

At the same time we are working to bring you a new game as soon as possible, and on improvements to make Educaplay more useful, easy and intuitive.

See you soon!

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