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Now in educaplay: Greek, Chinese, cyrilic characters –and much more!

05th of April 2017

Good morning, educaplayers!

We recently migrated our platform to UTF-8 encoding. Thanks to this, you can now create activities using lots of international alphabets.

You can include Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic or Korean characters among many others in your activities.

There are already users who have created activities in Greek or Chinese. Here are some examples:

Education systems in Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Estonia are now available on Educaplay.

30th of March 2017

Hi there, educaplayers!

We are reaching more countries every day. Thanks to the collaboration of users from different countries we have developed four new educational systems: Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Estonia.

From now on the activities of these countries can be classified in a simpler way and can be found in a much more convenient and easy way.

Does your country still have no education system in Educaplay? Get in touch with us and help us develop it so that the search for activities in your country becomes faster and easier.

The end of an era: So long Flash

27th of January 2017

Good morning Educaplayers!

As you well know, in Educaplay we always bet on the technologies of the future. That is why, we stop using Flash technology completely to focus exclusively on HTML5.

Although flash had its days of glory, at the moment it's in disuse and the majority of the browsers have begun to block it totally or partially due to the security problems that causes its abandonment.

The abandonment of Flash in Educaplay allows us to focus exclusively on the new features of the new HTML5 standard, which will allow us to have a platform with the best benefits for you.

Regards Educaplayers.

News in

20th of January 2017

¡Good morning, educaplayers!

As you have seen, there is no more Directory space in the platform. Maybe it has been a shock for some of you.

But you can remain calm. This powerful tool has not disappeared. It has been integrated in "Learning Resources" in order to optimize the searching and, of course, the very web structure.

In this way all searches of educational resources have been concentrated in a single space, facilitating your work in locating interesting activities.

News 2017: Alphabet Game and full screen improved

12th of January 2017

Good morning, Educaplayers.

We bring you the good news with which we started the year.

First, the Alphabet Game.

A new activity that will allow you to gamify even more classes, giving you the opportunity to acquire and reinforce concepts in the most funny way. Start creating your own Alphabet Games now!

And, in addition, we present an improvement over all activities: when we run them in full screen, they show now in a more effective way.

This improvement will  especially help people with sensory difficulties, but everyone will appreciate its use (especially in activities where you can take advantage of this circumstance, such as those containing images - Interactive Map is a good example).

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