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New types of hiring Educaplay Premium!

27th of April 2016

Choose the one that best suits you and enjoy a better Educaplay:

Best friends

13th of April 2016


22nd of March 2016

ADR Formacion and Educaplay express their condolences to the people of Belgium, and especially to the victims and their families.

2016: Educaplay's first great summit -900,000 users and beyond!

25th of February 2016

Educaplay has achieved, after a lot of work and efforts, another great goal: 900,000 educaplayers! They are who keep the platform functioning, making multimedia interactive activities of quality. Mainly of educational purposes, this community sets us as an international web –creative, solid, with future.

Reaching this number of users has been the result of continuous improvement  of Educaplay activities, as well as finding new solutions to make the gamification of educational issues.

But we will not stop here. We pay attention to the next step: to overcome the one million of participants this year. And we will get it with your help and creativity.

Once again: thank you all.

Matching columns & Matching mosaic (English tutorials available)

25th of January 2016

Two more tutorials in English (Matching columns & Matching mosaic).

Try them!

PLAY them!

Matching columns

Matching mosaic

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