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Easiness in the ticket system

27th of June 2016

Hello, Educaplayers.

We are working to ease your work. We are making activities accesible.

Among these improvements, we have facilitated the access and use of Educaplay’s tickets.

As you know, this system allows an administrator to generate a custom code, which will give to users, so they can access Educaplay without registration.

Now, you can create these tickets directly from your 'My Educaplay' space:

If we use the 'My Tickets' tab, you can create and customize as many codes as you want. By creating the first, a group will be generated automatically. All tickets created from that space will be assigned to that group. The administrator can manage them.

The administrator will give these tickets to users, so they can access on the platform by using them, in the same way we usually access with our user and password.

By placing the ticket in the space dedicated to this, the user will access the platform, and will be redirected directly to the assigned group.

On the other hand, these tickets may be used to user access to limited activities located in authors’ blogs.

For example, an author can use his blog to show the activities of his/her groups, limiting the activities for users from the groups. They so can access to these activities without problem using a ticket, as we can see in the picture.

As you can see, the possibilities are many, and we believe very interesting.

We hope you like it a lot and make the most of.

Regards, Educaplayers.

New language available: Slovenian

23rd of June 2016

New language for Educaplay activities.

Once again we notice you that Educaplay activities interface is available in a new language.

From now on, and thanks to Urška Bonin, the activities interface is also available in Slovenian.

Nowadays Educaplay activities are available in 15 languages. Thanks to everybody for your involvement on this project.

Educaplay Team.

Educaplay's 1 Million Users Contest

03rd of June 2016

Educaplay has reached one of its main objectives: We are now a million users.
To celebrate this event we would like to award those more active networkers with 25 Premium Plus accounts (Facebook users) and 15 Premium Plus accounts (Twitter users).

Facebook: the more users you attract to the contest, the better .

Twitter: you have to follow @EDUCAPLAY tweet the hashtag #Educaplay1M with this link included:

Legal basis.

HTTPS compatible

04th of May 2016

We keep working to improve and provide users with the best educational experience.

We want to communicate to all users that Educaplay is already fully compatible with the HTTPS protocol. That is, the problems disappear for embedding activities on pages with this feature of blogging as Google Sites and others.

In addition: the voice recording service is available again to give more dimension to your activities.

New types of hiring Educaplay Premium!

27th of April 2016

Choose the one that best suits you and enjoy a better Educaplay:

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