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We keep growing with the efforts of everyone.

16th of October 2015

A new step forward for Educaplay. We have overcome another obstacle. Thanks to the participation of our #educaplayers and their activities, the platform already has over 800.000 users. Now, the objective is to reach the one million of users! ;)

Thank you very much to all.


Directory and users

30th of September 2015

Once established, we are developing the Educaplay tools to achieve their full potential.


From now on, when working on Educaplay in an available language (using the selector at the top of the screen), the directory automatically searches and lists the activities to appear in that language.

(It's a search by language, not country. In the example we can see how someone wants to work in English and use activities in this language. But he/she wants to use them in the Spanish educational system, having the interactive map to select it.


It's the same for searching users. When looking for other educaplayers from a particular language, they are listed according this language.

New field of groups and ticket access

30th of October 2014
Hello Educaplayers. 
Educaplay keeps improving every day thanks to your help, and today we present some very important new features that we hope you enjoy them, and help you a lot.
We have improved the scope of groups and have enabled access with tickets!
From now on, to access a group, we get a much to more defined and structured space, with a much more attractive appearance, the space looks like this:
As we can see, within the group, we will have the following elements: 
- Blackboard: in this space group members can share messages, images or collections. 
- Collections: in this case we have listed all collections activities assigned to the group. 
- Members: from here you can see the list of users and administrators available to the group. 
- Tickets: from here, group administrators may manage tickets assigned to the group. 
- Configuration: This is the space group configuration for administrators.
Within these options, one of the most innovative and important, is the ticket system. This system allows an administrator to generate custom codes, which deliver to the users you want to give them access to the group without registration. 
If we go to the tab 'Tickets' within our group, we can create and customize as many codes as you want:
The administrator will give these tickets to users who want, and they can access them on the platform, in the same way we access with username and password.
By placing the ticket in the space devoted to it, the user will access the platform and will be redirected to the assigned group.
Moreover, these tickets may be used for limited access for users from their groups by the authors, and they are on their blogs activities. 
For example, an author who uses her blog to show the activities of its users groups and limiting activities for these users can access the ticket to them with no problem, as we can see in the picture:
As you can see, the changes are many, and we think very interesting. 
Hopefully you like them a lot and carry forth the most. 
Regards Educaplayers.


News on Crossword and Quiz activities

30th of June 2014
Hello friends. 
Educaplay presents developments in the activities of Crossword and Test
In both cases, we have added the option to add an additional text by way of explanation, to clarify responses in a more concrete way. 
For the crossword, the feedback will correspond to each word, and we can add or edit for each word. It will show in the final summary screen, once the activity is finished.
For the test, the feedback will be attached to each question, and we can add or edit for each question. Appear under the correct questions when we review the answers, once the activity.
These options are only available for the version of HTML5. 
We hope you enjoy them, and that allow you to further tailor your needs. 
A greeting Educaplayers.


Educaplay english tutorial

24th of April 2014

Today prensents a very interesting educaplay tutorial for english teachers.

How to use the Educaplay website to make interactive learning activities for your students. 

Created by Donald DeLeo.

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