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New on display activities from your blog for Premium users

31st of March 2014
Hello friends. 
Educaplay presents news about activities from viewing your own blog, and trying to adjust the platform to your needs further. 
The new features include: 
- Avoid advertising: Activities created by Premium users, not display advertising when displayed from your own blog. 
- Privacy of activities: Activities defined as private for Premium users are only visible to the creator on the Educaplay platform, but may be visible from your own blog for those who access it. 
To enjoy these two developments, the blog of Premium user, must be previously validated by Educaplay. 
We can add the address of our blog from 'My Educaplay' under 'Account Settings' and 'Follow me', as we see in the image:
After adding the address, the blog will remain pending validation as seen in the picture. Once you validate Educaplay, the status will change and will be as follows:
From the moment in which the blog is validated, the developments mentioned remain active. 
We hope you enjoy them, and that allow you to further tailor your needs.  
Regards Educaplayers.

New audio player & recorder

26th of March 2014
Hello Educaplayers.
Today we present a new audio recorder and audio player, both of them HTML5 based. With this improvement we stop using
 the Java recording applet for those tasks.
Whenever we will try to record, the navigator will ask us for privileges to access to the microphone and once granted, the environment will be ready to record and publish our audios. Once we click the recording button, the new recorder has this appearance:


Once we ckick the ‘Stop’ button the recording will end and we will have the chance to listen it before submitting it to the server. If the recording is not right we could record it again.
By clicking the Upload button the audio will be sent to the served and added to the activity.
In relation to the audio player of edition's pages have been replaced with a newer and easier utility with the following interface:
We wish you enjoy those features.
Educaplay Team

100% HTML5 compatibility

12th of June 2013
After some months of development, all Educaplay activities can be played in an HTML5 compatibility version.
You can already use your activities in your favourite device: pc, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the new auto-adaptative design, the activity fits into your device's screen size, even altering the way of answer, in order to obtain the most satisfactory user experience.
In addition to the redesign of the activities we have included some features such as the chance of indicate a feedback to extend the activitie's correction, print version and a "open in new window" button to open the activities in a new window and avoid distrractions.
It begins the multidevice era un Educaplay by the hand of HTML5.
Coming soon...
We are devoling new kind of activities that will be released soon...
Follow our blog for news!!!


New language for Educaplay activities: Polish

25th of May 2013


Nuevo idioma para las actividades educaplay.

Once again we notice you that Educaplay activities' interface is available in a new language.

From now on, and thanks to Agnieszka Gutkowska, the activities interface is also available in Polish.

Nowadays Educaplay activities are available in 12+1 languages. Thanks to everybody for your involvement on this project.


Educaplay Team.



Jumbled Word and Jumbled Sentence activities also available in HTML5

25th of March 2013


Once again Educaplay announces a new release.
We began Eastern week announcing the release of HTML5 version of  Jumbled Word and Jumbled Sentence activities.
This new apply a face-lift to the activities that can aslo be printed - like it occured with the activities already adapted to HTML5  - to be used in your classes.
Jumbled Word activities new interface
Jumbled Word activity print preview
Jumbled sentence activities new interface
Jumbled Sentence activity print preview
We wish you enjoy them.
Educaplay Team


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