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100% HTML5 compatibility

12th of June 2013
After some months of development, all Educaplay activities can be played in an HTML5 compatibility version.
You can already use your activities in your favourite device: pc, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the new auto-adaptative design, the activity fits into your device's screen size, even altering the way of answer, in order to obtain the most satisfactory user experience.
In addition to the redesign of the activities we have included some features such as the chance of indicate a feedback to extend the activitie's correction, print version and a "open in new window" button to open the activities in a new window and avoid distrractions.
It begins the multidevice era un Educaplay by the hand of HTML5.
Coming soon...
We are devoling new kind of activities that will be released soon...
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New language for Educaplay activities: Polish

25th of May 2013


Nuevo idioma para las actividades educaplay.

Once again we notice you that Educaplay activities' interface is available in a new language.

From now on, and thanks to Agnieszka Gutkowska, the activities interface is also available in Polish.

Nowadays Educaplay activities are available in 12+1 languages. Thanks to everybody for your involvement on this project.


Educaplay Team.



Jumbled Word and Jumbled Sentence activities also available in HTML5

25th of March 2013


Once again Educaplay announces a new release.
We began Eastern week announcing the release of HTML5 version of  Jumbled Word and Jumbled Sentence activities.
This new apply a face-lift to the activities that can aslo be printed - like it occured with the activities already adapted to HTML5  - to be used in your classes.
Jumbled Word activities new interface
Jumbled Word activity print preview
Jumbled sentence activities new interface
Jumbled Sentence activity print preview
We wish you enjoy them.
Educaplay Team


New activity: Slideshow

06th of March 2013

Today we announce that there is available a new kind of activity that can be used to present learning content to the users.

Up to now we had at our disposal activities to practice but in some cases it was necessary to show contents. To fill this gap we have developed the Educaplay slideshow Activities.

SlideShow activities can be used to collect some contents and show it in a well-organized, pedagogic and visually attractive way. Internet offers a lot of info, but it must be correctly selected and presented to make it educational.

Educaplay slideshows are composed by a sequence of slides that can be show sequentially (with the top menu on the activity) or navigation-free (with the bottom menu on the activity). 

With some predesigned formats you will be able to create slides with text, images, audio files and Youtube videos easily, and combine all those resources in the same slide.

In this slideshow you will be shown how to read population pyramids with text, images and Youtube videos in a funny way.

You can find out more info about the Slideshow page.

A warm hug for all educaplayers.

New Interactive Map features with HTML5

18th of February 2013


There are already available Educaplay interactive maps in HTML5. It implies that now you can use them in any device, even in those not supporting Flash (tablets, ipad, smartphone etc).
And there is much more. We have extend maps functionallities with the following improvements:
Maps can be used to evaulate the knwoledge (Game), as a demonstration to show information (Demonstration ) or both of them. This functionallity is only available in the HTML5 version, having no effect on the Flash version of the activity. For example, if we want to learn the districts of London first we could see them over a map and study its distribution and then check with the game if we have memorized them or not.
When using interactive maps as demonstration, it is possible to create interactive images that aims us to discover and extend information with text and links to resources such as webpages, videos, wikis, etc. (Sample: London Districts)
Demonstration can be configured in two different ways. Sequence allows to discover different points in a predeefined order. Menwhile, free mode allows the student to discover by his own the info of each point. (Sample: Muscles of the Human Body)
Another new feature is the possiblity to zoom over the image. This feature avoids density of points problem, allowing the students to apply a zoom to increase the size of the image an accurate the precission on the image.



Authors can also specify an audio for each point on the map to be used as a clue. This feature has been requested by a great amount of Educaplayers, most of them music teachers or foreign language teachers.

You can also print any interactive map in three different ways: Learn, Mark or Write. (Print preview sample)
Once the interactive map activitie is finished, a feed-back page will be shown, allowing the user to discover if their answers were right or wrong, and see more info about the points defined on the interactive map.
New interactive map activites have been adaptive designed to be correctly displayed independently of the device's dimmensions.
Those features improves significantly the possibilities of interactive map activities. Do not hesitate to exploit those improvements in your lessons, and make your classes more entertained and educative than ever before.
Hugs to all educaplayers


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