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(PREMIUM OPTION) Now you can hide the Top 10 results

08th of April 2021

Do that with the option “Show Top 10 results” in the “Advanced settings” of the activity editor

Option "Show Top 10 results"

From now on as a Premium user you can choose to show or hide the Top 10 results ranking for any of your activities.

If you want to show it, you don’t need to do anything, since this is the option by default.

If you want to hide it, go to “Advanced settings” on the activity editor, and choose “Disabled” on the “Show Top 10 results” option.

Results of identified players will still be saved and you will be able to check them on the “Reports” section even if you disable the ranking.

As always, players with an Educaplay account will also be able to see their results on the “Reports” section, even if they will not be able to compare them with other students.


Free option "Reset rankings"

Option reset rankings


Even if you are not a Premium user, you still have the option to reset the ranking of any activity at any time, erasing the scores stored until then in the Top 10 results section (not in the “Reports” section).

You can do this from your profile, choosing the option “Reset rankings” after clicking on “Options” below that activity.

In Educaplay we like to play, and this ranking exists to stimulate motivation and healthy competition among players.

Example of a ranking of an activity

However, we realize that in some contexts you prefer this information not to be public.

Recently we placed a button in each activity (“Click here to identify yourself”) so with just a click players can identify themselves writing any name to save their score with it.

This feature makes it even easier and faster for you to get scores from people who play your activities.

This also makes it less difficult for them to put their name on the Top 10 results section, and that is why we realized now with this change the option to hide this section makes even more sense.


We are all ears!

We hope you like this new feature!

We are constantly working to improve this platform for you and the rest of Educaplayers, and soon you will see more and better changes.

We take this chance to remind you that we are all ears for your suggestions, doubts or comments.

Just reach us at or through any of our social media and we will be happy to hear you and help you.

See you later!

(NEW) Players identify themselves with a name before clicking start to store their scores

30th of March 2021

You no longer need to register you students in Educaplay or make them play a challenge to record how they played

Identification with nickname before the activity

From now on it is even easier to get the results of your players even if they are not registered in Educaplay.

They just have to click on “Click here to identify yourself” right above the “Start” button, write a name in “Guest access” and… ¡let’s play!

When the player finishes, the results are stored on your “Reports” section with the name they used to identify themselves. The same happens with the other activities played during all the session.

The text will change to “You are identified as (name)” once you access as a guest or when you are registered in Educaplay.

“¿How do I get my students grades when they are not registered?” was one of the most frequent questions we got from Educaplayers.

Last month we showed you how easy that was thanks to the challenges, which already had the “Guest Access” option.

We also promised you we would make that even easier. With this new feature, we delivered. Thank you very much for helping us improve Educaplay.

From now on, you just have to share the link with your students so they write a name and play the activity.

Guest access

If you are on your profile and want to share the link of one of your activities, you just have to right click on the title and choose “copy”, or left click and copy the link that appears when you click on “Share”.

Challenges are still the perfect environment to share a group of activities (yours or the ones saved as favorites), to increase their motivation and to have all the results of your class organized in a separate report.

However, they are no longer a requisite to make them identify themselves without registering in Educaplay.


How to restrict anonymous players

In Educaplay by default users can play any activity anonymously and just for fun, just clicking on the link and then on “Start”, without getting their results stored.

If you prefer to allow your activities to be played only by identified users, you can do so with any Premium account.

You just have to click on “Advanced settings” on any of your activities editor, and choose the option “Not allowed” in the setting “ANONYMOUS execution mode”.


Make them create!

This new feature makes it less necessary for students to have an Educaplay account. However, this is still useful in some cases.

Access as a guest user remains active through all the sesión. However, if your students are heavy Educaplayers, having an account is a plus because they can play from their devices without them needing to identify themselves anytime they get into Educaplay.

An Educaplay account is also needed to create activities. We invite you to make your students take control crafting their own activities related to the study subject.

They have been using their imagination to create their own  since they were born. You will be surprised with the results.


What do you think?

Now we would like to know your opinion.

What do you think about this improvement? How is this going to change the way you work with Educaplay?

What is the next feature you want to see in our platform?

Tell us what you think or any questions you have at or on our TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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(NEW) The search engine shows the best activities on the top thanks to the relevance index

18th of March 2021

The average score and the number of ratings will help you find the brightest of the 3.5 million Educaplay games

Search Engine Easter

Educaplayers have a treasure made of more than 3.5 million game-based online activities created by users like you.

From now on our search engine sorts the results of your searches showing the best activities on the top of the list.

It will be easier to find what shines the most for you to use and share for free with the entire educational community.

This is achieved thanks to the relevance index, which is calculated automatically based on two factors:

· The average score of the activity

· The number of ratings (how many times the activity has been rated)

Until now, searches ranked the newest activities higher. This will continue to be the tie-breaking factor, for example, when ordering those that have not been rated.

But the opinion of the Educaplayers is gold, and now this is also true in our search engine.

Activities with lots of good ratings will appear first among those that meet your search criteria, and those considered bad by many players will be at the bottom of the list.


How and when are the activities rated?

Rate activity

If you are registered in Educaplay, after you play an activity you will have the option to rate it with a score of 1 to 5 stars. In the future this option could also be extended to players who have identified themselves as guests.


4 ways to get the most out of the Educaplay search engine

Try and find the most valuable activities created by Educaplayers with our improved search engine. Here you have 4 ways to get the most of it:

#1. Filter them by course, subject or knowledge area (mathematics, for example) to find the best of what you could share with your class right now. Save them as favorites and in a few clicks you can create a challenge with the ones you liked the most.

#2. Get inspiration for your creations filtering them by type of activity. Check, for example, what is the most successful among Map Quizzes. Parts of the body, vocabulary... you will discover that geography is only a small part of the applications this game can have.

#3. Is a holiday approaching? Enter a word related to what you are looking for, such as "Easter" or "Christmas."

#4. Lucky you if you are a foreign language teacher or student! You can filter activities by language or even by country. Are you or your students beginner Spanish learners? Choose Colombia, Mexico or Spain, use the filter by age (for example, between 6 and 10 years old), and dare to do the activities that an elementary school child does in that country.

Search by Type of Activity


How about you?

Now we want to know what you think.

What is the first search you are going to do with the new search engine? What other things would you like to see to improve our search engine?

Tell us what you think or any questions you have at support@educaplay or on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Quickly create unscramble words games with many words or sentences

09th of March 2021

Create one, duplicate it, change the answer of the new ones, and share them grouped in a challenge or collection

Create Unscramble Words with more than a word or sentence

If you are an Educaplayer who use the platform as an unscramble words maker you will probably want to create games with more than one word or sentence, and not just one.

You will speed this process creating the first one, clicking on “Options – Duplicate” as many times as you want, changing the answer field (and any others you need), and sharing them grouped in a challenge (My challenges) or collection (My collections).


Example: Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System Challenge

Let’s say you want to create 8 Unscramble letters activities for your students to show they know the planets of the Solar System.

You want to see the finished product? Go to a and introduce the Game Pin 222222.

To do this or something similar, first you will create and publish an Unscramble Letters (or Unscramble Words) activity with these characteristics or the ones you prefer:

  • Title: “Planets of the Solar System”
  • Question: “Order the letters to find a planet of the Solar System”
  • Answer: “Earth”

After publishing it, you will go to your profile and you will click on “Options – Duplicate” below the activity you just created. You will do that 7 times.

Options - Duplicate

That is if you think Pluto is not a planet. If you think it is, then you will need to duplicate it 8 times :)

Then you will edit the new ones changing the answer “Earth” for another planet of the system and publish them.

If you need different questions or titles for each word or you want to show a picture along with it, change it in addition to the answer.

Finally, you will just create a challenge with the 8 (or 9) activities and share it with your students.

Not familiar with the challenges? Learn about them in just two minutes with this video

Get Students' Grades with a Challenge

You can also group the games in a collection (My collections) if you want. To share a collection once created, just click on its title and share its link. If you have a set of activities grouped in a collection, one click will be enough to select all of them for a challenge.


Upcoming improvements

In Educaplay we are constantly working to improve and listening to you to learn how to do it.

That is why this year you will be able to add a list of words or sentences in a single unscramble activity instead of a single one, and also to choose if you want them to appear randomly or ordered by you.

We know we can make it easier for you to create games with more than one sentence or word, and we will.

Students love to unscramble sentences online (and words) so much that just one of them is not enough.

The more the merrier with this type of games, especially when you want them to unscramble words to be familiar with, for example, a list of vocabulary.


What else?

Now it’s your turn!

We would love to hear what else can we do to improve Educaplay as an unscramble words maker.

What else can we change to make it better? What other options would you like to have in those activities?

Please tell us at or our social media.

If this was helpful, please don’t forget to share it with the community.

But… is Pluto a planet or what? :)

How to get student’s grades in Educaplay without them needing to register

18th of February 2021

The easiest, quickest and most convenient way to do it for free is creating a Challenge from “My Challenge” in your profile

Get Student's Grades in Educaplay without them needing to register with a Challenge

“¿How do I get my student’s grades if they don’t have an account?”, “I didn’t get my students’ results!” These are some of the most frequent questions and comments we get from Educaplayers.

Right now the easiest and quickest way to do it is creating a challenge clicking on “My Challenges” in your profile.

In just a few clicks you will create a competition with your activities or the ones you tagged as favorites. That way you’ll get your students’ grades even if they don’t have an Educaplay account.

Your students will go to or click on “Enter your Game Pin”, then will write the Game Pin generated when you created the challenge and their name and… ¡Go!

The name will appear next to their score in “Reports - Challenges report” on your profile, or in “View full results” on your challenge’s options.

In addition to storing your student’s scores, challenges give them a competitive live gaming experience: scores are updated live anytime a player completes an activity.

You can even join the challenge yourself to follow the competition live!


From Google Classroom or similar platforms

How to insert Educaplay activities in Google Classroom

Probably you use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for your lessons.

Maybe your platform is Moodle, Canvas, Schoology or any other Learning Management System (LMS) that supports LTI or Scorm technology.

In any case, our integration with those tools makes your job easier.

Your students will open any Educaplay activity directly from Google Classroom (or the LMS you use), and their results will be automatically stored in your LMS gradebook and in Educaplay.

They don’t need to have an Educaplay account. They don’t even need to write their name, since we will identify them with the data they already have on your LMS.

If you own a Premium Plus or Premium Commercial license, this useful feature is unlimited. That is, you can integrate any Educaplay activity anytime you want.

With those accounts you will also be able to see in Educaplay what did your students answer to all your questions, in addition to their score and time.

If you own a Free or a Premium NoAds account, you have 5 insertions for free so you can try how comfortably Educaplay integrates with your favorite platform.


Signing up

You can see your students’ scores without using challenges, integrations or groups. However, for these scores to get stored, they need to have registered and identified themselves before playing the activity.

Anyone can play any Educaplay activity anonymously and just for fun, clicking on its link and in “Start”.

However, this way it is impossible for us to identify the player and thus to associate that attempt with a person.


Soon it will be even easier

This 2021 we will make even easier for you or your student to get identified without signing up in Educaplay.

Before playing anonymously any activity, you will have the option to write a name to store your grade with it.

Yes, that simple.

Challenges will keep on giving a plus on gaming, motivation and healthy competition, but not a requisite to make possible for them to identify themselves just writing a name.

We are all ears for your queries and suggestions. They motivate us and help improve our platform so it is easier and easier and better adapted to you.

The option for non-registered players to write their name before playing an activity without needing to create a challenge is an example of this.


Your turn!

We hope this information is helpful to easily get your student’s grades.

Now we would like to hear from you.

If you haven’t tried them, are you going to do that right away with your students, or will you try it yourself first?

If you have, how do your students react in this competitive environment?

Will you stop using challenges when they are not needed to identify your students with a name written by them?

Do you think this article will be helpful for other Educaplayers? Please share it on social media and add your thoughts!

Reach us at for anything you need!

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