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Export your activities to Google Classroom

29th of January 2019
Hello Educaplayers!
We know that many of you use Google Classroom for day and day work in class.
We are pleased to announce that now Educaplay activities can be integrated with this system automatically.
Create tasks in Google Classroom from an Educaplay activity with a single click and get the grades automatically when students play it.
The best of all is that you do not need your students to register on Educaplay at any time. They just click on their task and play the activity. You can see their grades in the Google Classroom task itself.
Do you want to start publishing activities in Google Classroom? Just select the "Publish to Google Classroom" option that you will find in the options of your activity.


New educational system: Morocco

19th of November 2018
Hi Educaplayers!
We have just added the Moroccan education system to Educaplay.
Morocco users will now find much easier suitable activities for their levels in the list of learning resources.
Does your country still have no education system in Educaplay? Contact us and help us develop it and the search for activities in your country becomes faster and easier.

We have removed advertising with sound

17th of October 2018
Hello Educaplayers!
Advertising is necessary for the Educaplay project to exist. However, we believe that it shouldn't be invasive or cause interruptions in the didactic work, since the main objective of the Educaplay activities is to spread knowledge.
For that reason, we have deleted all advertisements with sound. From now on, you will be able to play the activities whith no frights.
Are you exhausted of advertising and do not want to see an advertisement on Educaplay? Sign up now for your NoAds Premium account and get rid of the ads.

Educaplay now is easier to use

06th of September 2018
Hello Educaplayers!
Today we introduce the new Educaplay navigation menu with an improved design designed to simplify the search for educational resources.
Be calm! We haven't deleted any section, you can access Educational Resources, Groups and Users through the general search engine that will be present at any time. You just have to write what you want to look for and you will have it immediately at your fingertips.
In this way, we improve the user experience and search speed so that you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: create, play and share Educational activities.

New language available for activities: Czech.

31st of August 2018
Good morning Educaplayers!
In Educaplay we continue to expand the languages available in the activities so that knowledge can reach all corners without barriers.
This time it is the turn of Czech, which is already available as a language for activities.
Is your language not yet listed in Educaplay? We want to reach out to users of all languages and regions. Collaborate with us to translate the activities into it.
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