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Know the answers of the users in your activities!

15th of June 2018

Hello Educaplayers!

Today we introduce the new Educaplay report system. With a totally restyled appearance, now you can get the results of users in your activities in a simpler and more comfortable way.

Also, as a great novelty, you can find out what users have answered in each of the questions of your activities. In this way, Educaplay becomes a complete evaluation tool since you can review in a more exhaustive way the work of your users.

Know the statistics of your activities in real time and have absolute control of what happens with them.

Enter now in your Educaplay profile and discover the full power of the new reporting system in the results of my activities section.


New educational system: Serbia

02nd of April 2018

Hi Educaplayers!

Today is a great day in Serbia, we have added their educational system to Educaplay.

Serbia users will now find much easier suitable activities for their levels in the list of learning resources.
Does your country still have no education system in Educaplay? Contact us and help us develop it and the search for activities in your country becomes faster and easier.

You can now choose your time zone

05th of February 2018

Hi Educaplayer!

Now, you can change the time zone of the results reports of your activities.

You just have to enter your profile and click on Account settings. You will find the option to change the time zone in the Config tab.

Don't worry! The reports will appear by default in the predetermined time zone of your country, so it is not necessary to change it if you do not need it.

Have a nice day!

New language available for activities: Aragonese.

05th of December 2017

Good morning Educaplayers!

Thanks to the Nogará-Religada cultural association that has collaborated with us, we already have the creation of activities in Aragonese available.

All speakers of this language can now create activities in their own language.

Is your language not yet listed in Educaplay? We want to reach out to users of all languages and regions. Collaborate with us to translate the activities into it.

We are 1,500,000 educaplayers!

04th of October 2017

We are already 1,5 million users!

Thank you all for your participation. You make us bigger.

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