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Create Interactive Maps

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Interactive Map

The Interactive Map activity allows users to identify parts of an uploaded image (map, photo, collage, etc.). For example, you could have the user identify the names of rivers on a map or locate the bones of the human body on a skeleton.

You determine the method by which the user identifies the part of the picture:

  1. The easiest option is by clicking. In this mode the user clicks on the part of the picture indicated at the top of the activity.
  2. The other possibility is writing. The user selects an item and types its name into the answer space.

The HTML5 version has an additional feature that allows you to set the activity to be a demonstration instead of a game. As a demonstration, the user is shown the image, and the labels for each part are revealed one at a time. You can also choose both, which allows the user to see the demonstration and then play the game.

Interactive Maps Sample

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