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At different places - Crossword

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Crossword | 484 Times made | 39 I like received
25th of April 2012 | Tags: at different places crossword

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cristian javier

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  Top 10 results Points Time Date
1 cristian javier castelblanco bayona 100 00:35 min. 18th of June 2012
2 Diana Marcela Arevalo Araque 100 00:38 min. 02nd of June 2012
3 Luz Nelly Niño Espejo 100 00:45 min. 31st of May 2012
4 Yesica Paola León López 100 00:48 min. 01st of June 2012
5 adriana virginia bothia baez 100 00:53 min. 02nd of June 2012
6 Sebastian Salinas Forero 100 00:56 min. 02nd of May 2012
7 LINNA FERNANDA JIMENEZ SIERRA 100 01:08 min. 22nd of May 2012
8 sebastian camilo verdugo salcedo 100 01:15 min. 01st of May 2012
9 Lina María Barón Acevedo 100 01:47 min. 06th of July 2012
10 Karol Stefany Cañas Yela 100 02:57 min. 20th of May 2012
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11 Juan Diego Acevedo Cardenas 99 04:51 min. 03rd of July 2012
12 Luz Marina Garnica Daza 99 05:44 min. 22nd of June 2012
13 Julian Camilo Leal Aguilar 98 02:55 min. 23rd of June 2012
14 Carlos Ivan Jimenez Figueredo 92 03:58 min. 05th of July 2012
15 monica chiappero 38 03:33 min. 10th of July 2012
16 fernando ramirez -4 01:46 min. 27th of June 2012


yess, important activity for a good LEARNING, understanding

Roast chicken is a delicious meal. The menu is most important when we go to a restaurant. The cheese is melted hot chocolate being elastic. Sweets are delicious but I produce stomacha ache. My uncle brought hamburgers for me and my brother. Passport cost me $ 150000. Language is very important to communicate. NOMBRE: KAROL STEFANY CA?AS YELA TD: 95051921810 COLEGIO: INTEGRADO "J.G.C"

Great Activity!!! It allows us to further deepen our vocabulary ... Thanks Instructor ...

Esta bien pero aun no se por donde enviar las 10 oraciones que toca enviar si alguien me puede ayudar les agradeceria.

La actividad esta muy buena... pero no se donde queda registrada mi puntuación. Gracias.

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