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ADR Formación
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Matching Game

S. Past Irreg. Verbs- Match

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Match infinitives with simple past forms

alejandra suarez
Matching Mosaic Game


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Match the pictures to the verbs in regular past tense.

AMCO Activities
Crossword puzzle

Verbs about problems

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check the definitions and complete the crossword puzzle

Luis Angel Orozco Escalera
Matching Columns Game

Synopsis: Collocations

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Match suitable verbs with suitable nominal phrases.

Silke Buhl
Matching Game

Irregular verbs

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Match the verbs with the past simple tense.

Manuel Villegas
Wordsearch Puzzle

Past simple

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Find verbs in the past simple tense.

Manuel Villegas
Crossword puzzle

Some verbs in past participle

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Find the following past participles in the puzzle.

María Belenice Castro Contreras
Fill in the Blanks

Verb To be

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Fill in the blanks using the correct personal pronoun and conjugation (vervoeging) of the verb TO BE

Jerina Seys
Alphabet Game

SIX: Verb tenses ... or not

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Let's review some verb tenses

Ester Vacas

Communication verbs

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Pulse 3 Starter unit

Rita Romanovska
Crossword puzzle

Daily routine verbs

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Common daily routine verbs

A_Goretty Celis

Present simple forms

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Write the he / she / it form of the verbs.

LEONORA Estrada Flores
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