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ADR Formación
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11º Secundaria
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Matching Columns Game

percieived opsolescence

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This page deals with apsoleta persivida

Maria de los Angeles Gomez
Matching Columns Game

Perceived Obsolescence

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Me and pollo's project for perceived obsolescence

Anaiysa Castellano
Matching Columns Game

percived obsolescence

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how the brands steal the money from others

xtile gamer
Matching Mosaic Game

Then and Now

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Students have to match the pairs of objets that were used int he past and the ones that are used now.

Paola Alcina
Crossword puzzle

Some verbs in past participle

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Find the following past participles in the puzzle.

María Belenice Castro Contreras
Crossword puzzle

Give Direction

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En esta actividad aprenderás de una forma divertida &” didáctica las “GIVE DIRECTION “

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