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Interactive Map

Life in Palaeolithic

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In this activity kids have to identify the main actions people in the Palaeolithic did. How life in the Palaeolithic was.

Eduardo Martínez Escobar

El Estado

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Conocer sobre el origen, concepto y funcion del Estado.

Omar Elenilson
Crossword puzzle

Principales pueblos de morelos

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Esta es una aplicacion que se enseña los principales pueblos de morelos.

Jumbled Word

Name of rocks IV

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What is the name of this rock?

Raquel Serrano Barrueta

Carlos V and the empire

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Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany became an emperor. We will discover how he managed to be one of the biggest rulers of the world.

Gonzalo Muñoz

10 facts about Greece - Quiz

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How many things do you know about Greece?

Zo Gal
Wordsearch Puzzle

Discovering the world

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Find the countries in the alphabet soup.

María Lázaro
Crossword puzzle


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Read the definitions and guess the job!

English teacher

XIX century in Spain

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Complete the sentences

M. Jesús Sciences
Fill in the Blanks

Climates of Europe

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Complete the text with the elements of Climates

Helena Horcas Bujalance CEIP Revello de Toro
Interactive Map

The solar system

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Planets of our solar system

Toni Mora
Fill in the Blanks

Natural and Cultural Heritage

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Activity to reinforce the knowledge about Peruvian Natural and Cultural Heritage and the importance of protecting them.

marie palma camargo
Matching Columns Game

Los tipos de paisajes inglés

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Relacciona los tipos de paisajes con sus características.

David Sevilla Barrientos CEIP Revello Malaga
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