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Matching Mosaic Game

Match - Dun Mikiel Xerri

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Match the pictures with the right phrases or sentences.

Emmanuel Cassar
Fill in the Blanks

Klozadur skriturioù kentañ

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skriturioù ha keodedoù kentañ

bernard gentard

Modern and Ancient Olympics

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Comparing similarities between Ancient Olympics to Modern Olympics.

Katherine Sillars
Crossword puzzle


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Crossword about different elements of climate and weather.

Javier Ramón Núñez
Fill in the Blanks

The corner of the western seas

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In the corner of the western seas, in the stagnant waters of a great morass, Truly was produced a qilin, whose shape was as high as fifteen feet. With the...

Martin Smith
Matching Game

History of the UK

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In this activity the student has to match words to find out about History

Raquel Blancas Gómez-Casero
Interactive Map

Famous African women

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Locate the origin country of these important African women

Asier Etxebarrieta
Jumbled Word

levy article

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The history of CALL

Hülya Yaman
Matching Mosaic Game

Film & TV Ownership

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Knowing about ownership in the television and film industries

Isi Gruenewald
Alphabet Game

Roman empire

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Game to review Roman empire

Blanca Gauna
Fill in the Blanks

Questions - Vertigo

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Vertigo history taking questions practice

Anna Dávidovics
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