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The 1556 Earthquake in China

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This exercise is for my partners to study the new vocabulary

Grecia Carmona
Matching Game

Connect the following words

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We have to connect the words of the different columns.

Emi Garcia-Gil


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The participant must guess what is the name of the occupation that corresponds to the image can use the clues to help solve the riddle

Paula Gomez
Wordsearch Puzzle

Alphabet soup

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The participant must identify the 15 occupations or jobs identified in the vocabulary in order to answer the question What do you want to be when you grow...

Paula Gomez
Fill in the Blanks

Vocabulary #4

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Fill the blanks with the correct word.

Wendy Viera

Celebrities around the world

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Mediante esta actividad los estudiantes podrán adquirir y practicar el vocabulario referido a trabajos y profesiones.

Marcela Bucca
Jumbled Word

Ordena las siguientes letras

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Ordenar las siguientes letras del vocabulario de las partes del cuerpo en inglés

amparo rodriguez ramon
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