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Geometry Matching Game

Matching Columns Game

Game Overview and Directions:
There will be eight different shapes on the left of the screen with eight corresponding formulas on the right. They are in rectangular boxes on each side. You will be shown either Volume or Area pictures on the left of the screen and various formulas on the right of the screen. Your goal is to match the shape with the correct formula correctly. You can either select the formula on the right, then the shape on the left, or vice versa. When you match the correct picture with the correct formula, a green bar will connect the formula and the picture.

If you make an incorrect match, both boxes will briefly outline in red and count as a try.
Selecting the shape or formula will turn the box border yellow.
• If you select the correct match, both boxes will have a green border, and a green line will connect the boxes.
• If you select an incorrect match, both boxes will momentarily have a red border and red highlight and will return to normal.
• An incorrect selection will be a failed try.
• Getting a match wrong is not permanent until you reach a total sum of 10 incorrect matches.
After one of the following scenarios, you will be shown your correct/incorrect selections.
• You have correctly matched all eight items without exceeding ten missed matches.
• You have reached ten missed matches.
• The 15-minute time limit has expired.
A pictorial review of the shapes and matches from your attempt will be shown
• Green arrows will indicate correct matches.
• Red arrows will indicate incorrect matches.
Scoring: You are given 100 points to start. Points are deducted per each missed attempt shown below. A final score with your matches will be shown at the end of the game.

Missed Attempt # Points Deducted / Score
1st 10 / 90
2nd 9 / 81
3rd 8 / 73
4th 7 / 66
5th 6 / 60
6th 6 / 54
7th 5 / 49
8th 4 / 45
9th 4 / 41
10th 41 / 0
mathematics K13 geometry Recommended age: 13 years old
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Created by

Dana Grove
Dana Grove
United States
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