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  1. Fill in the Blanks Game
    NDLW 2018-Challenge 1
  2. Matching Columns Game
    NDLW 2018-Challenge 2
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    NDLW 2018-Challenge 3
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NDLW 2018-Challenge 2

Matching Columns Game

Reference the UIS Brookens Library website at to assist with completing this Matching Columns Challenge. UIS Brookens Library provides access to a collection of over 750,000 books and serials, including over 280,000 electronic resources. The availability of this robust digital collection, as well as the online help offered by Brookens librarians, makes the library a valuable resource for online students as well as their on-ground counterparts. This challenge will provide information about Brookens Library student services and resources that can assist you with academic and professional development research. After completing this challenge, enter your answers on the 2018 NDLW Challenge Participation Form available at This website also includes detailed Challenge participation instructions, participant eligibility, and selection process to win prizes, including a $50 gift card.
database company industry research research guides library Recommended age: 3 years old
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Tammy Craig
Tammy Craig
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