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New Alphabet Game: Create it with Ray and with the letters you want

14th of November 2023

Easier and more flexible so you can make it with the letter of the topic, with the name of your company, and with any alphabet

The new version of Educaplay's Alphabet Game breaks the structure with each letter arranged alphabetically and allows you to do it your way. You can create a game with the letters you want: the topic of your game (for example, “MARKETING”), the name of your organization, that of your favorite person, or with whatever comes to your mind.

The update accepts characters from any alphabet, which opens the door to creating games in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek or Hebrew, or even with numbers. You can use between 3 and 48 balls, with the characters you want and in the order you want.

Another improvement compared to the previous version is that now the game allows you to combine text with audio or image in the question, instead of having to choose only one of the three formats, as was the case until now.

We have adapted it so that the gaming experience is the best on any device, just as we have done in recent months with Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words, Fill in the Blanks, Word Search Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle, Memory and Matching Pairs.

The platform releases this new version shortly after launching its new game Yes or No. It is currently working on the new version of the Map Quiz and the Test, which will be released this year.

My Guests: Choose the alias of your players, supervise their creations and forget about Sign-Ups

12th of July 2023

Have them identify themselves with the 9 letters of their Invitation to better control their scores and the games they create

Share the 9 letters of the Invitations to your regular players so that they identify themselves in Educaplay without the need to register and with the alias that you have chosen for each one of them.

Forget about asking them to create an account or giving them instructions on how to write their Nickname to avoid having to guess who is who when checking your score sheet.

Your Guests will also be able to create games under your strict supervision: you will be the only person who sees the game before you decide whether or not to publish it on your profile.

To use this functionality go to the My Guests tab, click on Add Guests and write an alias for each of them. Share the Invitations by copying and pasting the codes one by one, or click Download list to have them all together.

With the Search button you can filter what appears on the list. If you put a common element in several aliases (for example, “John 1B”, “Peter 1B”), you can write that common element (“1B”) in Search so that it only shows you all the Guests that contain that element in the alias.

When a Guest has played at least one of your games, the Reports button will appear, with which you can see all their games.

Also, every time a Guest sends you a game created by them, you will receive a notification. You will be able to see all the games that Guest has sent you by clicking on their alias. The Guest will not be able to publish their games. Only you can do it by creating a copy on your profile.

We hope you find the My Guests section useful!

Two for the price of one: New versions of Memory and Matching Pairs now in your hands

26th of June 2023

Both games are now more engaging to play and allow you to use Ray, your AI-powered automatic creator


We're putting two new versions in your hands at once, Matching Pairs and Memory, bidding farewell to the name "Matching Columns."


We have changed the creation and gameplay interfaces to the new ones that are more user-friendly, attractive, and better adapted to any device, just as we did with Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words, Fill in the Blanks, Word Search Puzzle, and Crossword Puzzle.

From now on, these two games allow you to use Ray, your AI-powered automatic creator.

With these updates, we have made structural changes to make it less confusing to create a Memory game. Anyone who chose to create a Memory first had to select an option, "Hidden Cards: Yes," which wasn't enabled by default.

The Memory games that were created before this change and had "No" selected for the "Hidden Cards" option are now Matching Pairs games.

Customize the back of the cards

Both games have the functionality to set a background image that appears before clicking "Start" and during gameplay, available for all plans except Basic. Additionally, users with a Commercial Plan can customize the back of the Memory cards.
We are working on creating a new game, which will be released next quarter. At the same time, we are preparing a game revolution for Matching Game (the one that allows relating groups). Stay tuned!

Hi, I’m Ray! Just give me a title and I’ll create your game

02nd of June 2023

I just need a topic, a link or a piece of text to get your game ready for you to publish

I'm Ray, your ally to save time. Just give me a title like “Chemical Elements” and I'll have your game ready for you to publish after making any changes you want. If you prefer, I can also do the same if you give me a web address or a piece of text.

I use ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to make the game for you, or at the very least so you don't have to build it from scratch if you don't want to.

My mission is to help Educaplay meet one of its main goals: to minimize the time you spend creating your learning games.

I am available in 6 Educaplay games to make your life easier: Froggy Jumps, Word Search Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle, Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words and Fill in the Blanks. In the future I will be available in all types of Educaplay games where I can be of help.

Try me! Just click New activity, choose one of the 6 first games on the list, and I'll be there waiting to create your game.

The new Word Search Puzzle supports pictures, audio files, and all kinds of alphabets

12th of April 2023

We just renewed one of the most popular types of games, specially improving the experience on touch devices

The new version of the Word Search Puzzle is in your hands. Now you can add multimedia elements in the definitions and use any kind of alphabet. We've completely revamped one of your most popular activity types, improving the gaming and creation experience over the previous version, especially on mobile and tablets.

The Word Search Puzzle now has the editor and game interface that we have implemented in Froggy Jumps, Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words and Fill in the Blanks. From now on you can create this type of game more intuitively from any device, and it is easier and more entertaining to play.

The new version of the Word Search Puzzle includes one of the main improvement requests from Educaplayers: you can give them pictures, animated gifs or audio files as clues, and decide whether or not to show them the words they have to search for.

Now you can use accent marks and characters from alphabets other than Latin, which was another frequent request. The new game fills the rest of the letters of the game with the alphabet you have used. That opens the door to the creation of Word Search Puzzles in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek or Hebrew, for example.

You can also create games with more than one Word Search Puzzle. So you can address different aspects of the same theme at the same time, or share your words in two different panels without having to create two separate games.

After launching the renewal of the Word Search Puzzle, in a few weeks we will introduce the new version of the Crossword Puzzle. At the same time, we are working on the creation of a new game, which will be released this sameyear.

Behind the new versions of the Word Search Puzzle and the Crossword Puzzle is the work of Eduardo Gil and Unai Martínez, two students of the Computer Engineering Degree at Universidad de La Rioja who have chosen these two games as their Final Degree Project. Gil and Martínez helped us renew the Fill in the Blanks last year, during the months in which they were doing their internships at Educaplay.

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