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Quickly create unscramble words games with many words or sentences

09th of March 2021

Create one, duplicate it, change the answer of the new ones, and share them grouped in a challenge or collection

Create Unscramble Words with more than a word or sentence

If you are an Educaplayer who use the platform as an unscramble words maker you will probably want to create games with more than one word or sentence, and not just one.

You will speed this process creating the first one, clicking on “Options – Duplicate” as many times as you want, changing the answer field (and any others you need), and sharing them grouped in a challenge (My challenges) or collection (My collections).


Example: Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System Challenge

Let’s say you want to create 8 Unscramble letters activities for your students to show they know the planets of the Solar System.

You want to see the finished product? Go to a and introduce the Game Pin 222222.

To do this or something similar, first you will create and publish an Unscramble Letters (or Unscramble Words) activity with these characteristics or the ones you prefer:

  • Title: “Planets of the Solar System”
  • Question: “Order the letters to find a planet of the Solar System”
  • Answer: “Earth”

After publishing it, you will go to your profile and you will click on “Options – Duplicate” below the activity you just created. You will do that 7 times.

Options - Duplicate

That is if you think Pluto is not a planet. If you think it is, then you will need to duplicate it 8 times :)

Then you will edit the new ones changing the answer “Earth” for another planet of the system and publish them.

If you need different questions or titles for each word or you want to show a picture along with it, change it in addition to the answer.

Finally, you will just create a challenge with the 8 (or 9) activities and share it with your students.

Not familiar with the challenges? Learn about them in just two minutes with this video

Get Students' Grades with a Challenge

You can also group the games in a collection (My collections) if you want. To share a collection once created, just click on its title and share its link. If you have a set of activities grouped in a collection, one click will be enough to select all of them for a challenge.


Upcoming improvements

In Educaplay we are constantly working to improve and listening to you to learn how to do it.

That is why this year you will be able to add a list of words or sentences in a single unscramble activity instead of a single one, and also to choose if you want them to appear randomly or ordered by you.

We know we can make it easier for you to create games with more than one sentence or word, and we will.

Students love to unscramble sentences online (and words) so much that just one of them is not enough.

The more the merrier with this type of games, especially when you want them to unscramble words to be familiar with, for example, a list of vocabulary.


What else?

Now it’s your turn!

We would love to hear what else can we do to improve Educaplay as an unscramble words maker.

What else can we change to make it better? What other options would you like to have in those activities?

Please tell us at or our social media.

If this was helpful, please don’t forget to share it with the community.

But… is Pluto a planet or what? :)

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