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(NEW) The search engine shows the best activities on the top thanks to the relevance index

18th of March 2021

The average score and the number of ratings will help you find the brightest of the 3.5 million Educaplay games

Search Engine Easter

Educaplayers have a treasure made of more than 3.5 million game-based online activities created by users like you.

From now on our search engine sorts the results of your searches showing the best activities on the top of the list.

It will be easier to find what shines the most for you to use and share for free with the entire educational community.

This is achieved thanks to the relevance index, which is calculated automatically based on two factors:

· The average score of the activity

· The number of ratings (how many times the activity has been rated)

Until now, searches ranked the newest activities higher. This will continue to be the tie-breaking factor, for example, when ordering those that have not been rated.

But the opinion of the Educaplayers is gold, and now this is also true in our search engine.

Activities with lots of good ratings will appear first among those that meet your search criteria, and those considered bad by many players will be at the bottom of the list.


How and when are the activities rated?

Rate activity

If you are registered in Educaplay, after you play an activity you will have the option to rate it with a score of 1 to 5 stars. In the future this option could also be extended to players who have identified themselves as guests.


4 ways to get the most out of the Educaplay search engine

Try and find the most valuable activities created by Educaplayers with our improved search engine. Here you have 4 ways to get the most of it:

#1. Filter them by course, subject or knowledge area (mathematics, for example) to find the best of what you could share with your class right now. Save them as favorites and in a few clicks you can create a challenge with the ones you liked the most.

#2. Get inspiration for your creations filtering them by type of activity. Check, for example, what is the most successful among Map Quizzes. Parts of the body, vocabulary... you will discover that geography is only a small part of the applications this game can have.

#3. Is a holiday approaching? Enter a word related to what you are looking for, such as "Easter" or "Christmas."

#4. Lucky you if you are a foreign language teacher or student! You can filter activities by language or even by country. Are you or your students beginner Spanish learners? Choose Colombia, Mexico or Spain, use the filter by age (for example, between 6 and 10 years old), and dare to do the activities that an elementary school child does in that country.

Search by Type of Activity


How about you?

Now we want to know what you think.

What is the first search you are going to do with the new search engine? What other things would you like to see to improve our search engine?

Tell us what you think or any questions you have at support@educaplay or on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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