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(PREMIUM OPTION) Now you can hide the Top 10 results

08th of April 2021

Do that with the option “Show Top 10 results” in the “Advanced settings” of the activity editor

Option "Show Top 10 results"

From now on as a Premium user you can choose to show or hide the Top 10 results ranking for any of your activities.

If you want to show it, you don’t need to do anything, since this is the option by default.

If you want to hide it, go to “Advanced settings” on the activity editor, and choose “Disabled” on the “Show Top 10 results” option.

Results of identified players will still be saved and you will be able to check them on the “Reports” section even if you disable the ranking.

As always, players with an Educaplay account will also be able to see their results on the “Reports” section, even if they will not be able to compare them with other students.


Free option "Reset rankings"

Option reset rankings


Even if you are not a Premium user, you still have the option to reset the ranking of any activity at any time, erasing the scores stored until then in the Top 10 results section (not in the “Reports” section).

You can do this from your profile, choosing the option “Reset rankings” after clicking on “Options” below that activity.

In Educaplay we like to play, and this ranking exists to stimulate motivation and healthy competition among players.

Example of a ranking of an activity

However, we realize that in some contexts you prefer this information not to be public.

Recently we placed a button in each activity (“Click here to identify yourself”) so with just a click players can identify themselves writing any name to save their score with it.

This feature makes it even easier and faster for you to get scores from people who play your activities.

This also makes it less difficult for them to put their name on the Top 10 results section, and that is why we realized now with this change the option to hide this section makes even more sense.


We are all ears!

We hope you like this new feature!

We are constantly working to improve this platform for you and the rest of Educaplayers, and soon you will see more and better changes.

We take this chance to remind you that we are all ears for your suggestions, doubts or comments.

Just reach us at or through any of our social media and we will be happy to hear you and help you.

See you later!

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