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Subscribe yearly or monthly, with the possibility of easy convenient third-party payment

27th of September 2022

Send the quote or the Pay for Me link to your organization

At Educaplay, we’re obsessed about making everything easier for you.

That’s why we’ve improved the signing up process to paid accounts by offering you the possibility of:

· Yearly or monthly subscription so that you can sign up as long as you need

· Automatic renewal so you don’t have to worry about repeating the whole process over and over again

· Facilities so that your organization can sign up for the Plan:

- A Quote at just a click

- Our Pay for Me link

- Management of invoice details


Improvements Educaplay payment Plans


You can subscribe via the Premium page, the Plan section of your profile or by clicking on the following button:

Subscribe to your Plan


All the Plans have the same functionalities as before. We've just changed the names:

· Don't call it Free, call it Basic

· Say goodbye to Noads. Now it's called Advanced

· Plus is no long Plus, now it's Academic

· And Commercial is still called Commercial


New names Educaplay Plans


"But I've already got a paid account!"

We’re very grateful. If you already have a paid account, switch to subscription. Now, it’ll cost you 0 cents and you’ll get a month free of charge.

You’ll repeat the signing up process (for the last time!) without having to pay anything. When the period you signed up for ends, your Plan will be automatically renewed for a year or a month (whichever you choose). Then, within a period of 72 hours, we’ll add another free month to the new period you signed up for.


"Yes, but have you raised the prices?"

Actually, we’ve reduced the price of the yearly Plans. Now they cost the same as the former 2-year Plans.

The monthly plans are new. Many Educaplayers requested them, and we listened to them.

The yearly Plans have a 20% discount on the price of our monthly ones to reward users who decide to confide in our services for longer.


"The organization I work for should pay for this"

You’re quite right. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for you and for them.

After you’ve chosen your Plan, you can send the quote or Pay for Me link to your organization for them to complete the signing up process.

We’ve also drawn up the A Brilliant Plan for Your Organization guide for you to give them a summary of everything they need to know about our Plans and how to sign up for them.

You’ll use the Plan, but it’ll belong to your company or organization. As it should be!


Get your organization to take care of your Plan


If you have any further questions, see this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document that we’ve drawn up, or write to

If you need to take a look at it, here are the Terms and conditions of use.

We’re here to help with anything you need.

Many thanks and see you soon!

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