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Hi, I’m Ray! Just give me a title and I’ll create your game

02nd of June 2023

I just need a topic, a link or a piece of text to get your game ready for you to publish

I'm Ray, your ally to save time. Just give me a title like “Chemical Elements” and I'll have your game ready for you to publish after making any changes you want. If you prefer, I can also do the same if you give me a web address or a piece of text.

I use ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to make the game for you, or at the very least so you don't have to build it from scratch if you don't want to.

My mission is to help Educaplay meet one of its main goals: to minimize the time you spend creating your learning games.

I am available in 6 Educaplay games to make your life easier: Froggy Jumps, Word Search Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle, Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words and Fill in the Blanks. In the future I will be available in all types of Educaplay games where I can be of help.

Try me! Just click New activity, choose one of the 6 first games on the list, and I'll be there waiting to create your game.

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