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New Alphabet Game: Create it with Ray and with the letters you want

14th of November 2023

Easier and more flexible so you can make it with the letter of the topic, with the name of your company, and with any alphabet

The new version of Educaplay's Alphabet Game breaks the structure with each letter arranged alphabetically and allows you to do it your way. You can create a game with the letters you want: the topic of your game (for example, “MARKETING”), the name of your organization, that of your favorite person, or with whatever comes to your mind.

The update accepts characters from any alphabet, which opens the door to creating games in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek or Hebrew, or even with numbers. You can use between 3 and 48 balls, with the characters you want and in the order you want.

Another improvement compared to the previous version is that now the game allows you to combine text with audio or image in the question, instead of having to choose only one of the three formats, as was the case until now.

We have adapted it so that the gaming experience is the best on any device, just as we have done in recent months with Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words, Fill in the Blanks, Word Search Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle, Memory and Matching Pairs.

The platform releases this new version shortly after launching its new game Yes or No. It is currently working on the new version of the Map Quiz and the Test, which will be released this year.
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