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Educaplayers say "Yes" to Yes or No: More than 30,000 games and 100,000 times played in four months

26th of January 2024

Your new game is an express binary quiz where you answer like in dating apps

More than 30,000 games created and more than 100,000 times played in just over 100 days. These are the numbers for Yes or No, the first game that Educaplay releases since the arrival of Froggy Jumps.

The proposal is very simple: an express binary quiz where as a player you answer “Yes” or “No” to the question that is implicit in the title of the game, or that is asked directly on the cards or in the optional statement.

To answer, you can slide the card left or right, dating app style, or press the button that corresponds to each answer.

As a creator, on each card you can put text, audio and pictures. You can use the game as a knowledge quiz or also as an opinion poll, since you have the option of setting both answers as correct.

If you want to make it more exciting, you also have the option to set a maximum time for each card and a certain number of lives.

Create your Yes or No now! With Ray, you'll have it ready in seconds.

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