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How to use Educaplay groups properly

12th of November 2012

There has been some cases that teachers have noticed that they couldn't access to their students' scores, but students ensure that they have completed the activities.

The reason of this situation is that those users achieved the activities without being logged in the platform.

Due to this, the platform could not recognize the users and was unable to link to the users the score they were achieving.


This is why we strongly recommend you to warn your students about this situation and advise them that the best way to play your Educaplay collections is as follows:

  • My Educaplay > My Groups > Participation in Groups *


In that section, they only have to click over the group they belongs to, and inside the group's page they will have a link to the collection shared with them. That way will register their score correctly and would be available for the teacher.

* (Users must be signed in to access to this section.)

Reset Scores for the users of a group

07th of November 2012


Today we present an interesting new feature  for the advanced users of Educaplay.
Now you can reset the statistics for the collections linked to your groups.
With this feature you can get the scores achieved by the users of your group from a given time.
Example of operation:
For a month, I offered my students a group of collections to study a lesson. My students have been playing and learning during the study period and, the day of the evaluation, I decide to use one of the collections to evaluate their knowledge.
So, to discard the previous scores, I can access to "My Educaplay ->" My Groups "->" Manage Groups " and click on the" Manage" button of the group that I want to reset the statistics.
Then, I'll look for the "Reset" button beside the collection I want to reset and if I  click the button, the statistics of this group would be resetted.
You can reset the scores as many time as you wish and you can also undo a full reset, so you could obtain all the scores from "the origin of the times".
The Educaplay team

New features available on Educaplay Quiz Activities

09th of May 2012

We are proud to announce an interesting feature concerning Educaplay Quiz activity, hardly claimed by Educaplay community  both in Educaplay webpage and in the free Educaplay course.

Now It is possible to add images on Quiz activities for a question title and for the answer options.

So each Quiz's question can contain text, audio and images, and each answer can also contain text and images.

You can see two examplos of these riched Quizes:


We are still working to offer you improvements and new features.

Stay tuned to the blog and the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

A warm hug for all educaplayers.

Educaplay AEFOL Awards 2012: Best Product of the Year

14th of February 2012

Dear user of educaplay

Educaplay has won in AEFOL Awards 2012 in the category of ' Best Product of the Year.

Congratulations !

Educaplay grows with you and we want to share with you this success.

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