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We introduce the Game Pin in the challenges

14th of April 2020
Hello Educaplayers!
Today we bring you an important novelty. From now on, it is much easier to create challenges and participate in them.
It is no longer necessary to invite users individually and, above all ... It is no longer necessary to have an Educaplay account to participate in a challenge!
And all this thanks to the Game Pin!
When you create a challenge you will be provided with a Game Pin. Participants can enter this Game Pin at and play anonymously, or log in with their Educaplay user if they prefer.
In both cases you can see their results in the ranking of the challenge.
What are you waiting for? Challenge your friends with your Game Pin!

Educaplay is ready to help you

16th of March 2020

Hello educaplayers!

In these moments of global health crisis due to COVID-19 we know that many of you face the challenge of training online and you need efficient tools.

Educaplay is ready to help you in these moments and make students continue learning in a fun and entertaining way.

We remind you that you have, for free, almost 2 million educational activities in all areas and subjects that you can use with your students. You can use our search engine for educational resources:

You can also create your own educational activities in a personalized way for free:

Remember that in Educaplay you can create groups with the students to communicate and offer them activities to do.

Thanks to the ticket system, you don't need your students to register. You simply have to generate all the tickets you need and your students will be able to access it. In the following tutorial you can see how to do it:

In our help center you can see this and other tutorials that will show you everything you can do with Educaplay.

We are with you educaplayers! Together we will make the COVID-19 not stop learning!

New videotutorial: Publish activities in Wordpress.

11th of June 2019

Hello Educaplayers!

We have a new videotutorial available that many of you had requested us: How to insert Educaplay activities in a Wordpress blog.

Learn to insert activities in Wordpress and to make your users identify themselves in Educaplay directly from your blog without having to change the page:

You can find many more video tutorials in our support center. Do not miss them!

New educational systems: Austria and Bulgaria

04th of June 2019
Hello Educaplayers!
We continue expanding in Educaplay. We have just added two new educational systems to Educaplay: Austria and Bulgaria.
Now, the users of these countries will have much easier to find suitable activities for their levels in the list of educational resources.
Does your country still have no education system in Educaplay? Contact us and help us develop it and the search for activities in your country becomes faster and easier.

New videotutorial: SCORM activities in Moodle

29th of May 2019

Hello Educaplayers!

This week we bring you a new video tutorial where you can see how to insert SCORM activities in Moodle.

If you want to insert Educaplay activities in Moodle and get the results in your own platform without the need for players to register in Educaplay, you can not miss the video:

You can find many more video tutorials in our support center. Do not miss them!

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