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Do you work in a team? Introducing the new Premium MULTI license

Write a comment (0) 30th of May 2017

Good morning educaplayers!

All of you who work as a team are in luck. We have just launched for you the new Educaplay Premium MULTI license.

With the Premium Multi license you can purchase all the Premium licenses of your institution, company, college, university or group of colleagues at one time with discounts of up to 84% in the price.

- Make a single payment for all your licenses.
- Renew your licenses together.
- From 2 users to 500.
- For any modality: NoAds, Plus or Commercial.

Enter now in and set up your Premium Multi license to find out how much you can save on licensing your group.

New educational system: Hungary

Write a comment (1) 24th of May 2017

Hello Educaplayers!

We have added the Hungarian educational system to our already long list of Educaplay educational systems.

From now on, the activities of the users of Hungary will be easier to classify and find in the list of learning resources.

Does your country still have no education system in Educaplay? Contact us and help us develop it and the search for activities in your country becomes faster and easier.

All premium user activities without advertising!

Write a comment (1) 17th of May 2017

Hi, educaplayers.

We have news for all Premium users of Educaplay. Now, all your activities will not have publicity ... Never! No matter the user that sees your activity , registered or not! No matter the section where you sees the activity!

We make easier for your students not to see advertising under any circumstances when they are doing your activities.

And you? Do you also want to remove advertising from your activities? Buy your premium license now!

New language available for activities: Estonian.

Write a comment (0) 12th of April 2017

Hi educaplayers!

We have a new language available to develop activities in Educaplay: Estonian. There are already 16 languages in which you can develop activities.

We want to reach out to users of all languages and regions. Is your language not yet listed in Educaplay? Collaborate with us to translate the activities into it.

Now in educaplay: Greek, Chinese, cyrilic characters –and much more!

Write a comment (0) 05th of April 2017

Good morning, educaplayers!

We recently migrated our platform to UTF-8 encoding. Thanks to this, you can now create activities using lots of international alphabets.

You can include Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic or Korean characters among many others in your activities.

There are already users who have created activities in Greek or Chinese. Here are some examples:

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