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Epun saksa juttu asia

Eppu Koivusaari
Wordsearch Puzzle

theory of the genesis

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in this game you will learn more about how the catholic and christian christian religion sees the creation of the universe by the first book of the bible the...

Tatiana Zarama
Matching Mosaic Game

Xmas matching game

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For Xmas party at Fu Chong Estate @ 23 Dec 2017

Laurence Chou

genesis theory

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guess what's happen in the days of the creation

salma dalal safa suarez
Jumbled Sentence

Genesis Theory

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write what do God created

Juan Martin Barrera

Some Religions of the World

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In this activity you'll read clues abut different religions in the world. Based on what you know, or wha you can find on the web, complete the spaces with the...

Wordsearch Puzzle

the theory of the genesis

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in this game you can learn about a theory of the bible, the genesis theory

Angel Ortega
Fill in the Blanks

Prohet Nuh

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Review from last week on Prophet Nuh. Please fill in the blanks.

Alifa Somani
Matching Columns Game

Unspotted from the World

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D&C 59:9-10 explains that in order to stay unspotted from sin in the world we must observe to do certain things on the Sabbath. Match each thing the scripture...

Camilla Whitman
Fill in the Blanks

Five Pillars of Islam

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Fill the gaps: different concepts and vocabulary about five pillars of islamic religion.

Alfonso Poza

AP Style - Religion

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This game reinforces the standard AP style rules concerning religion related topics and challenges the player to apply the appropriate information for the specific...

anthony and clarice brown and metzger
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