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ADR Formación
- to +20 years
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Fill in the Blanks

French Nombres

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French Number Fill in the Blanks

Kayley Brace
Matching Mosaic Game


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Match the Jèrriais words to the pictures

Charlie Le Maistre
Matching Game

Adverbs and verbs for trend description

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IELTS writing task 1 adverbs and verbs for trend description

Minh Nguyen

Du "mascul" au "fémin" IN

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Transformer les mots et adjectifs suivants au féminin.

Elena hkayem

Wattiez - Labar

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Activités destinées au cours de langue "Anglais".

épique pédagogique EDF Mons
Fill in the Blanks

A la maison

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Completer les phrases suivantes

Ola Ayash
Interactive Map

Separate waste

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Put the waste in the right bin.

Crossword puzzle

langue and parole

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In this activity you have to read the clues and guess the correct word to complete the crossword.

Juan Carlos Salgado
Fill in the Blanks

Langue and parole

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In this activity you have to fill in the blanks with the correct words that are in the box. You have two attempts and the there is not time limit.

Juan Carlos Salgado
Wordsearch Puzzle

The Animals

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En la siguiente sopa de letras, debes encontrar un vocabulario (10 Palabras)acerca de los animales en inglés

Shirley Rincon
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