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First Aid JEHS

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This option module addresses the need for a well-rehearsed, established routine in
the delivery of first aid. In this module, students engage in the investigation and
practical application of the major assessment and management techniques for the
types of injury and medical conditions that require first aid attention. They explore the
cause and symptoms of these main injuries and medical conditions. Students also
explore the ethical arguments associated with the delivery of first aid.
In this module, students investigate the following critical questions:
• What are the main priorities for assessment and management of first aid
• How should the major types of injuries and medical conditions be managed in first
aid situations?
• What does the individual need to consider in administering first aid?
This module prepares students for undertaking a positive first aid role desirable in
many settings, including the workplace. It is possible that this module can be
delivered in such a way that those students wishing to gain an accredited first aid
certificate are able to do so. Students have the opportunity to further develop related
skills in the HSC option module Sports Medicine.
physical education first aid imer Recommended age: 16 years old
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