New Activity
Play Fill in the Blanks Game
The television
Television gives images and ____________________ by sending electrical impulses through the air or by cables , radio waves or ____________________ . This is a big breakthrough in technology .
Television moves pictures and sound from one place to another . It is one of the most important and popular forms of ____________________ . TV ____________________ provide news , information , and ____________________ to people all over the world .
The first films were in black and ____________________ and they have no sound . Later , colour and sound were introduced . At the beginning they were a very few programmes and the ended at night .
Watching the television was very ____________________ because it was something very new , and friends and ____________________ got together to enjoy it . There was only one ____________________ so you didn ? t have much choice but people enjoyed what there was and they waited enthusiastically to watch a programme together .
Things were simpler but they had more value ! ! Inventors in Great Britain and the United ____________________ made the first demonstrations of TV in the 1920s . The first TV appeared in the ____________________ .
Many families bought their first TV set after World War II , in the late ____________________ .
Which country do you think the word television comes
from ? What does it mean ?