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Play Unscramble Words Game
1. Rene Descartes
I am, think therefore I.
2. Bruce Lee
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my water, friend Be.
3. Socrates
that nothing know I know I.
4. Julio César
vidi, vici, Veni.
5. John Lennon
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love not, Make war.
6. Rosa Luxemburg
move their who don't Those chains don't notice.
7. Friedrich Nietzsche
What stronger kill you doesn't you makes.
8. Mahatma Gandhi
want the world If change you change, yourself to.
9. Grace Kelly
any can't solve Fury problem.
10. Beethoven
unless silence Never improve it break the you can.
11. Jane Goodall
to questions makes is What ask human our us hability.
12. Nelson Mandela
Education world to is the powerful change can most use you weapon the.
13. Benjamin Franklin
I me Tell I and.
me Involve and forget me.
learn and Teach remember I.