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Create your own online Unscramble Words Game or search among the thousands of Unscramble Words Games that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Unscramble Words Games for print.
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How does it work...

Create your own Unscramble Words game to teach a definition in an easy and motivating way, to practice listening comprehension in a second language in an original way, to learn by playing any literary or artistic text, or for any other use you can think of.

To create your Unscramble Words we only need you to give us a list of sentences, and we will leave it ready so that your players only have to unscramble them.

To play, you can click on a word to change it to the one in the active square, or drag and drop it to replace it with the one you want.

In any case, you may get two hits at the same time if in the same movement they correctly place the two words that have changed position.

To unscramble sentences with a plus of excitement, you can set a maximum time to solve each sentence, and a limited number of lives.

Above the scrambled sentences you have a space to put a question with text and a multimedia element that can be an image, an animated gif or an audio, uploaded or even recorded by you.