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Create Alphabet Games

Create your own online Alphabet Game or search among the thousands of Alphabet Games that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Alphabet Games for print.
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299,946 Alphabet Games created by users on Educaplay

How does it work...

Type the subject of your online Alphabet Game (for example, "Chemical Elements"), and Ray with his AI (artificial intelligence) generates a game in which your players will have to guess words with a definition and a clue: the letter it begins with (or the one it contains).

You would only need to press the "Publish" button after changing whatever you want. Of course, you can create your ABC Games manually, and add images or audio.

You can also create a game with each letter of the word you want (for example, “MARKETING”), with the name of your organization, with the name of your favorite person, or with whatever comes to mind.

Your players answer by typing the correct word and pressing the Check button.

You can set time limits or lives to make it more exciting.