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How does it work...

In the dictation activity, the user must type a dictated text exactly as it is spoken.

In order for the scoring to be accurate, is important that you say the punctuation ("comma", "period", "question mark", etc.) as you record the dictation.

When you create the dictation activity, you will give it a title and adjust various other settings:

  1. Sensitivity to capital letters.
  2. Sensitivity to accents.
  3. Sensitivity to line breaks.
  4. Method of scoring. Points can be deducted according to a set value, such as one point per error, or they can be deducted proportionally, according to what percent of the text was correct.
  5. Time between audios. You can adjust the duration of the break between each audio track.
  6. Time limit. Just like in any other activity, you can establish a maximum time to complete this activity. You can also choose to have no time limit.

After you have adjusted the general settings, you need to enter the text for the dictation exactly as you want the user to type it.

Finally, upload or record the audio, sentence by sentence, so that each sentence can be repeated if necessary.