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Create your own online Unscramble Letters Game or search among the thousands of Unscramble Letters Games that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Unscramble Letters Games for print.
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How does it work...

With a few clicks you can create your own Unscramble Letters game, in which your players have to unscramble letters to make words.

We just need your list of words or sentences. Our word scrambler will prepare the game so your players just have to worry about putting them in order.

To play from a touch device they can tap on a letter to change it for the one in the active box, or drag and drop it to change it for any of them.

When they play from a computer, they can use the keyboard to type the letters or the mouse to click or to drag and drop them.

In any case, it is possible to get two right guesses at the same time if the two letters they changed are put in place in the same movement.

If you want to give your game a plus of excitement, you can set a time limit to order each word or sentence, and a limited number of lives. They will lose a life each time they put a letter in a wrong place and each time they run out of time.

If you need it, above each word you can put a question or clue combining text with audios, pictures or animated gifs.