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How to create Crosswords Puzzles

Create your own online Crossword Puzzle or search among the thousands of Crosswords Puzzles that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Crosswords Puzzles for print.
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How does it work...

A crossword puzzle is a grid of squares that contain blanks for words that overlap horizontally and vertically. Clues are given for each word.

When the user clicks on one of the blank squares, the clue for that word will be shown. Then the user can type in the word.

In Educaplay's Crossword activity, there are three ways to give the clue:

  1. With a text, as commonly used.
  2. With a sound.
  3. With an image.

You can choose to make help buttons available so that the user can ask to have a letter, or even an entire word, revealed. Each time a help button is used, the user's score is reduced.

After filling in all of the words, the user must press CORRECT to check the answers and see the score or correct any mistakes.