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Create your own online Crossword Puzzle or search among the thousands of Crosswords Puzzles that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Crosswords Puzzles for print.
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How does it work...

Type the subject of your Crossword Puzzle (for example, “Chemical Elements”) and Ray will automatically generate the words, descriptions, and title.

You will only need to press the "Publish" button after changing whatever you need.

Ray can also create your Crossword Puzzle from a link or from a piece of text.

If you already have your list of words and descriptions, type or paste them into the editor, give it a title and description, and the Crossword Puzzle will be ready to publish.

The Educaplay Crossword puzzle supports any type of alphabet (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese...) and also adapts to those that are written from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew.

In addition to texts, you can also describe your words with audio, images or animated gifs. You can also put words without any description, if you think they are not necessary.

Your players fill in the Crossword using the device's keyboard, mouse, and/or touch screen.

You can set time limits or a definite number of lives to make it more exciting.