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How to create Quizzes

Create your own online Quiz or search among the thousands of Quizzes that other Educaplay users have created. You can also generate Quizzes for print.
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How does it work...

The Quiz activity consists of a group of questions asked sequentially. The instructions for the quiz are shown at the top of the page along with the question. Each question can include a picture as well as a video or audio element.

You determine the number of questions that will be shown to the user when you create the quiz. If you create more questions than are shown to the user, different combinations of questions will be asked each time the user does the activity. This gives the user the sense that they are taking a different quiz each time. You can also choose to make each question mandatory or optional.

There are three types of questions in the Quiz activity:

  1. Written answer.
  2. Multiple choice with one correct answer.
  3. Multiple choice with one or more correct answers.

There are two methods for scoring the quiz. The first is by percent. You choose the minimum percent required for passing the quiz. In the second method, the user is shown a customized message according to the number of questions that were answered correctly. You create the messages that will be shown to the user.