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Create your own online Video Quiz or search among the thousands of Video Quizzes that other Educaplay users have created.
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How does it work...

The educational content that exists today on the Internet is extensive. Specifically, YouTube has a significant amount of high-quality educational videos. The Video Quiz activity gives you the ability to intersperse interactive questions throughout a YouTube video. It also allows you to combine several videos into one new video.

The activity is a sequence of video segments, each followed by a question that prompts the user for a response.

There are three steps for creating a segment for the video:

  1. Choose a video: Select a video from a search engine or by typing in the URL for a specific video.
  2. Create a video segment: Choose the start and stop times for the segment of the video pertaining to the question.
  3. Add a question: Write your question and choose the type of response. There are four types of responses:
    • Multiple choice with one correct answer.
    • Multiple choice with multiple correct answers.
    • Short answer written response.
    • Long answer written response.

You can use the "Feedback" section to provide additional information about a topic that will be displayed to the user after the question has been answered.