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Play Fill in the Blanks Game
In ____________________ , the World Health ____________________ declared that smallpox ( variola virus ) had been ____________________ successfully worldwide . The United States ____________________ routine childhood immunization against smallpox in 1972 and routine immunization of health care professionals in 1976 . Following eradication , 2 World Health ____________________ reference laboratories were authorized to maintain stocks of variola virus . In 2003 , the United States initiated a ____________________ smallpox immunization program for first responders to facilitate preparedness and response to a possible smallpox bioterrorism event .
____________________ infected with variola develop a severe prodromal illness characterized by ____________________ fever , malaise , severe ____________________ , backache , abdominal pain . Infected children can suffer from vomiting and seizures during this ____________________ period . Most patients with smallpox are severely ill and ____________________ during the febrile prodrome . The prodromal period is followed by development of lesions on mucosa of the mouth or pharynx . This stage occurs less than ____________________ hours before onset of rash , which is usually the first recognized manifestation of ____________________ . With onset of oral lesions , the patient becomes infectious and remains so until all skin crust lesions have separated . The rash typically begins on the face and rapidly progresses to involve the forearms , trunk , and legs . Lesions increase in size for approximately 8 to 10 ____________________ after which they begin to crust . Once all the crusts have separated , 3 to 4 ____________________ after the onset of rash , the patient is no longer infectious .
Varicella ( chickenpox ) is the condition most likely to be mistaken for smallpox . Generally , ____________________ with varicella do not have a febrile prodrome , but ____________________ can have a brief , mild prodrome . Although the 2 diseases are confused easily in the first few days of the rash , smallpox lesions develop into pustules that are firm and deeply embedded in the dermis , whereas varicella lesions develop into superficial vesicles .
____________________ varicella erupts in crops of lesions that evolve quickly , lesions on any one part of the ____________________ will be in different stages of ____________________ ( papules , vesicles , and crusts ) , whereas all smallpox lesions on any one part of the body are in the same stage of development .