New Activity
Play Unscramble Words Game
1. ‘I’m going swimming this evening,’ Marta told me yesterday afternoon.
that evening, Marta Yesterday was afternoon me told going swimming she.
2. ‘The children can’t watch TV all morning,’ said Grandpa.
children morning the all said Grandpa couldn't watch TV.
3. ‘Franz has never been to a live concert before,’ Kate said.
a Franz never to had said live concert been Kate before that.
4. Before the race started, Paul said, ‘I think Laurence will win.’
Paul he win Before, race thought started said that Laurence the would.
5. ‘My mum wrote a novel when she was 12,’ Peter told me.
that had told me his mum when Peter 12 was she written novel a.
6. ‘I’ve been looking for a flat to rent for months,’ said Georgia.
looking Georgia a flat said to months for for she'd been rent.
7. ‘You must tidy your room this weekend,’ said Mum.
Mum tidy that my had I said weekend room to.
8. ‘We’re going to the cinema after class,’ the students told the teacher.
told The class going teacher after the students were cinema they to the