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El Salvador is the most beautiful yet at the same time underrated country . Located ____________________ the south east part of Guatemala and ____________________ the east of Nicaragua , El Salvador has a lot of tourist places where people can go to enjoy their vacation . However , before going to the country , it is important to know where some of these places are . For instance , Chalatenango is found in the north part of the country ; there you can find the Cerro El Pital , which is exactly found ____________________ the boarder of the country . On the other hand , Ahuachapan is located ____________________ the southwest of El Salvador ; there you can find the popular tourist place 'El Imposible National Park , ' located ____________________ the west part of Ahuachapan . Nevertheless , if you are more of enjoying the sunlight and the water , you can go to el Tunco Beach , located exactly ____________________ the coast of La Libertad , ____________________ the east of La Paz .