New Activity
Play Fill in the Blanks Game
By 2001 I will ____________________ been living in London for sixteen years .

I ____________________ have been working for my uncle

You ____________________ have ____________________ living

She will have ____________________ finishing her homework .

When I finish this course , I ____________________ have been learning English for twenty years .

We will have been ____________________ for more than two hours .

They will ____________________ been completing the project .

will have been cooking something special for you .

Next year I will have ____________________ working here for four years

will have been working in that firm for many years .

We ____________________ have ____________________ living

We ____________________ have been loving each other for twenty years

You will have ____________________ investing in something revolutionary .

He ____________________ have been ____________________ the book .

When I get my certification I will ____________________ been working in a good comparny .

Will they ____________________ been living ?

You will have ____________________ sleeping for more than fourteen hours .

I will have been ____________________ here for three hours by six o'clock .