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Play Fill in the Blanks Game
____________________ are waves of energy that pass through Earth caused by a sudden shift of the crustal ____________________ along fault lines . Earthquakes can cause sudden changes that alter the Earth's landscape dramatically .
You know you are in an earthquake if the ground starts to ____________________ . Tremendous forces under Earth's surface build up pressure , which is released in ____________________ along a fault . Imagine you are bending a Popsicle stick . When the pressure is great enough , the stick snaps in two . The ____________________ released by the snap produces waves that travel through the stick to your hands .
Earthquakes can create ____________________ on the Earth's surface . ____________________ can form during an earthquake as the ____________________ rocks slide down and the mountain rocks move up .
During an earthquake , a fault may slip deep underground and leave no evidence on the surface that an earthquake has occurred . Earthquakes in the ocean may cause a ____________________ , a large ocean wave .
Scientists use ____________________ to measure and record the ____________________ and locations of earthquakes . They measure earthquakes in various ways , including from 1 - 10 on the ____________________ ____________________ . Any earthquake measuring a 6 or higher is a very significant earthquake . ____________________ try to predict when and where earthquakes will occur because earthquakes cause loss of life and property damage every year all over the world .