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Play Fill in the Blanks Game
Object is a reality and it exist in ____________________ forms with for main characteristics . Object - oriented programming is an approach to designing modular reusable ____________________ systems . The object - oriented approach is an evolution of good design ____________________ that go back to the very beginning of computer programming . ____________________ - orientation is simply the logical extension of older techniques such as ____________________ programming and abstract data types . An object is an abstract data type with the addition of polymorphism and ____________________ .

Rather than structure programs as code and data , an object - oriented system integrates the two using the ____________________ of an " ____________________ " . An object has state ( data ) and behavior ( code ) . Objects can correspond to things found in the real world . So for example , a graphics program will have objects such as ____________________ , square , menu . An online shopping system will have objects such as shopping cart , customer , product . The shopping system will support ____________________ such as place order , make payment , and offer discount . The objects are designed as class hierarchies . So for example with the shopping system there might be high level classes such as ____________________ product , kitchen product , and book . There may be further refinements for example under electronic products : CD Player , DVD player , etc . These classes and ____________________ correspond to sets and subsets in mathematical logic .